Women in Rome vs China

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Women in the past have had important roles in society. Such as cooking for the family, cleaning up the house, to watch and care for the children and men. Basically they were a home wife and mother. But In the past women have been treated as inferior to men. This can be seen as how women have been treated throughout history. This will shed some light on how women were in old roman and Chinese society’s.

In ancient time women weren’t treated the same as men, such as the roman women. In Rome your father was the head of your family. If you were born a woman you had little rights and just had to take care of the family. You along with your mother had to take care of the children and family. Among the little to no rights you would have, you had some freedom, you could go out and visit your friends, you could go to the baths and temples that were only open to women. And once and a while you could go to a show at the amphitheater. This is what women could and couldn’t do in Rome.

On the other hand there are women in china. They were almost like the women of Rome but very much different. Women in china had not rights what so ever, they were basically slaves to the family. On the other hand husbands could have as many wives’s as he wanted. Women could not go to school, but their greatest thing to do in life as a woman is bare children and serve their family. Women in china knew little growing up but made way with the little they did know. On the other hand if you out lived your husband in china you gained respect.

In Both societies there is basically no difference. Except that the women in Rome had more leeway then the women in china. Both were truly almost treated the same. They were disgraced if they did not bare sons for the family. But defiantly I would say that women in china had it worse than roman women. They were truly in my eyes slaves basically.

All In All, Women and Rome And women In China Had it pretty rough but I think we all can say that women in...
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