Women Feel More Pain Than Men

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Women feel more pain than men, research shows
(University of Bath) The common believe is, that women have better tolerance to pain than men, but recent researches prove different. In women eyes men tend to complain more and have little tolerance to pain. More so, when men complain about their headache or some other pain they are having the other sex response is disregardful. But surprisingly the truth is the opposite. Newly researches discovered that men have greater tolerance for pain than women and less number of pain episodes in their life. Apparently, men’s body and women’s body are more different than we knew and thought. Besides the obvious diversity between the sexes there are also dissimilarities in their brain. The reasons for these differences are still been discussed and examined. It is appear to be not just biological means, but also social and physiological factors that make a contribution to the differences. While genetic and hormonal differences may affect the pain sensation, the way the two sexes refer to the pain poles apart. Males tend to concern about the physical pain itself; while females pay more attention to the emotional aspects of the pain. Research has shown that the male way of dealing with pain helps them to increase their pain threshold and tolerance. Female on the other hand don’t have this benefit, and therefore experience greater pain.

A study of 150 patients who went to the hospital with chest pain discovered that the factor that predicted pain in men and women were different. It seems that the anxiety has a big part and influence on the pain level, and as result, women report more intensive pain and nausea. In another study of the effect of pain management, the conclusions were similar. After going through physiotherapy and psychological treatments men and women responded differently. Both sexes had reduced their pain intensity, but unlike the males, the females reported three month later that the pain went back to the

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