Gender and Optical Illusions

Topics: Visual perception, Brain, Retina Pages: 4 (1359 words) Published: January 4, 2011
Do Boys and Girls See Optical Illusions Differently?


Do Boys and Girls See Optical Illusions Differently?

The goal of this paper is to focus on how gender affects what people see in optical illusions. The differences of male and female brains affect how boys and girls act and perceive the world. If there’s a difference in the vision of boys and girls then there will probably be a difference in how they see an optical illusion. Studies show that there are multiple differences in the male and female brain. There are different types of optical illusions, but this paper is mainly about ambiguous illusions because that is what will be used in the experiment. Ambiguous illusions are pictures with multiple images in them. Evidence from the brain proves that our eyes never actually play tricks on us. It’s our brains and how they perceive the information our eyes send to it. To answer the question, do boys and girls see optical illusions differently, the brain’s relationship with the eyes, the differences between the male and female brain, the differences in the male and female visual system, and how optical illusions work must be factors to understand the subject completely.

Everybody knows that boys and girls are very different. They look different, act different, like different things, perform differently in school and sports, and are just different people! Studies have shown multiple differences in how male and female brains function differently. One of the most interesting differences is how the male brains process language, estimate time, judge speed, carry out mental math calculations, view the orientation of space, and visualize three dimensional objects better then women. Women are better at human relations, recognizing emotional overtones in others and language, emotional artistic expressiveness, esthetic appreciation, verbal language, and carrying out pre- planned tasks. Scientists think that this might explain why there are more men...
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