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Women Are The Better Parents

By MorganMichele Apr 28, 2014 990 Words
Morgan Brown
Dr. Sally Emmons
English 1213
26 February 2014
Women are the Better Parents
My mother was the most beautiful woman I ever saw. All I am I owe to my mother. I attribute all my success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education I received from her. -George Washington

This world is where the equality between men and women plays a huge role in daily life. Some people believe that men are just as good as women are at parenting. However, women have a greater role in becoming a parent. Which is irreplaceable in raising their kids based on their familiarization with caring for children, natural instinct of mothers, and their opportunity to contact with the children. A mother is the one who is there from day one, which that creates a major bond with her child. Although the father knows that it is his child he does not have the special bond that a mother has with the child. A mother’s nature is what makes her the better parent. The behavior of a child depends on how it is raised. Women raise children different than men. Their child is their number one priority. A woman proves to be a better parent than a man, although children need both of its parents in their life. Women are known as the better caregivers to the child than men are. The woman is the one who carries the child in the womb for nine months. Then after the nine months of carrying her child, she goes through the pain of giving birth. Although what she has to go through brings the pride and joy she carried for so long. Even though the man helped create the child, the woman was the one to give the child the nutrients and care it needed in the womb. In the article, Mother’s Role in Children’s Lives the author mother.aus states: Mothers have a special place in their children’s lives because of the natural bond that starts from pregnancy and develops through childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. A mother’s involvement with her children is unique and different because there is a strong emotional and social bonding occurring between. (2) Men cannot have this bond with the child because they did not carry this child inside them. It creates a bond that can truly never be broken. The nature of giving birth to a child is an experience that a man can never go through. The only thing the man does is creating the sperm to create the child in the woman’s womb. That technically does not give a type of bond between the child and father before birth.

A woman can give more emotional support to the child than a man actually can. Women are more sensitive than men in most cases. A mother has greater feelings than the father tends to have towards the child. A woman is more gentle and tolerant than a man tends to be in situations. This all goes back to the bond they created with the child with the first day of pregnancy. A child is more likely to be less hesitant when communicating with its mother about personal problems. In most cases the father is the strict one, and this tends to make the child more hesitant to talk to its father. The mother has the perspective skills out of the two parents. The mother almost always gets custody of the child; this is what happens if a divorce or split up between the child’s parents is the case. A woman’s nature is what gives her the advantage of being a better parent. All of these aspects of a woman show that a woman is not only a better mother but also a close friend or even a problem solver to her child. A woman never has to question if the child is hers, but in a man’s case he has to question if it is his. This is what it comes to in the paternity side; men can never be certain and in maternity woman are always certain that it is her child. Paternity is the state of being someone’s father and maternity is the state of being someone’s mother. Men can never be sure that the child is his; he does not carry or nurse this child to birth. So the real question a man needs to ask, is this kid really mine? When the man has to question his paternity then he usually distant himself from the child. According to Psychology Today there is two biological factors that combine to make fathers far less committed as parents than mothers. “The first is paternity uncertainty. Because gestation for all mammals (including humans) takes place internally within the female’s body, the male can never be certain of his paternity, whereas maternity is always certain. And paternity uncertainty is not a remote theoretical possibility” (Kanazawa 1.) Whenever the mother knows that is her child the link between them is created. While a man is over there questioning it, he is not forming any type of bond with the child. This shows that the maternity side of parenting is better. (NOT FINISHED, LOST THE WHOLE PAPER LAST NIGHT. SORRY )

Clearly I didn’t find much of anything wrong with your paper. Does need to be finished. I think you’re on the right track. Emotional appeal was very clear and logic was too! I think so far it’s a 2 or a 3! I think a good thing to add in would be who does a child go to when in need of comfort or support! I was against this, but I agree with you.

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