Men Can Be Better than Women at Parenting

Topics: Mother, Marriage, Family Pages: 2 (721 words) Published: August 4, 2012

“The body of a man is designed to only father a child, not nourish him” said an eminent child psychologist Mr Edward Hayes at the children health and Hygiene congress in Malibu islands in 1962. Lot of water has flown down the Sienne since the statement was endorsed by the 200 doctors collected at the venue. Now the world has changed. the views have changed. And so have the trends. In the earlier times the man of the house was the sole bread earner. He was the wealth bearer. So he was excused into going to work to earn for the family and parents. He couldn’t possibly give extra time to the children and it was expected that women should look after their siblings. But those were the ancient times. Good or bad. The modern times expect all members in the family to earn – and fend. Women have started earning even in countries where it was a taboo to go out of the house, especially in Asian and African Countries. Women in most countries earn more than men these days. Therefore the equation of men shouldering the responsibility of earning money for the entire family holds no water anymore. The word mother is synonymous to someone who cares, feeds, nurtures and protects. A mama will go all the way to keep her child from harm’s way.This is true for all animals where the maternal instinct is believed to be wired strongly to the brain. Mothers, with a higher level of the hormone, oxytocin, during pregnancy, display a stronger bonding between mother and child. Children reach out more to their mothers than to their fathers. It may be because the mother spends more time with the child. Women naturally show emotion while fathers try to be more of a practical and playful kind. It has been generally found that in cases of failed marriages men are more responsible, sensible and caring to the child’s immediate needs and comfort. He also shares the usual warmth of the mother with the children especially with daughters. When a...
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