Are Women Better Parent Than Men

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I was raised in modern simple family that my father always has been responsible for earning money and supplying our demands in our house, while my mother was the boss of the house, controlling, managing and taking care of us as a family in the house. There is no doubt that both mother and father have a very essential role in parenting child's life , as well as they share equal jobs but different in manner , and both of them are very important in their children life , None is more important than the other . well of course there are men that would make great care-takers, but women overall probably make better ones, women are naturally more compassionate, gentle, nurturing and sensitive to others needs and that is not that men aren't, most just tend to show it differently than women do. Also I have to state that actually there is difference between them whatsoever. Mothers tend to be; more emotional, responsible, and the commitment to their children.

First of all and the fact that women are actually attached physically to their child before he was born nine months ago and carrying him for that long means a lot and had suffered a lot , so logically there is an emotional attachment to their child and there is nothing can deny that. Also they are from their own flesh.

In fact, that I think women in general feel more responsible toward their children, it has not only to do with the caring aspects but also who keeps them socially engaged, whither it was to their grandparents or else . and the fact that courts give custody to a mother most of the time , gives us a clue that mothers are responsible much more than a father , because fathers are more at work and concerned more about having money and place to live .
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