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American Literature
21 November 2012
Unfair Bias in Children’s Books: Father Figures
In response to Brotts article over the portrayal of the father figures in children’s book, I would have to strongly agree with him. I found this to be a great read, but also at the same time very informative. After doing a little bit of research of my own, and looking at the facts in “Not all men are sly foxes”, I came to the conclusion that his statement is very accurate. Men are portrayed as irresponsible and are rarely there for the children, leaving the mother to be the head of the household and the primary caregiver. From a young age, Children are very impressionable, and I believe that the authors that write these stories set up to fit that this stereotype is under false pretense. Gender roles in raising a family are a controversial topic in many homes today. Many people still believe that it should still be the man as the primary source of income, and that the woman should stay and raise the kids, while taking care of the home. Many dads today are abandoning this stereotype, and they choose to do a little bit of everything.” I think modern fathers take on many more roles.” (Linn) This resulting in being there for more of the child’s life, and playing a more active role in their childhood.“Mother Goose and Sly Fox” is a children’s book, telling the tale of the Mother Goose looking after her children, while the Fox tries to take her children away from her by deceiving the children while she’s out at the store. Ultimately, what this shows is that authors don’t really take the time to see the subconscious message that they are unintentionally putting in a child’s mind. This reinforces Brotts claim that the women are always seen as the positive character in the story, while the man is rarely in the story, and when he is, is mentioned in a negative light. In the children’s book that I read, I came to the conclusion that Brotts claim was accurate, once again. The...

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