Wk 3 Self Assessment

Topics: Supply chain management, Capacity utilization, Production and manufacturing Pages: 3 (381 words) Published: June 19, 2013


1.Delay of the process step that differentiates a product as late in the supply chain as possible is called a. delayed delivery
b. design logistics
c. fast tracking
d. mass customization
e. process postponement
2.____________ is a measure a firm can use to determine how close it is to its best operating level. a. Capacity efficiency rate
b. Economic scope
c. Average aggregation rate
d. Capacity utilization rate
e. All of the above
3.Variability in demand magnified as we move from the customer to the producer in the supply chain is called a. cause and effect
b. push system
c. Bull Whip effect
d. Pull system
e. None of the above
4.The seven elements that address the elimination of waste include all of the following EXCEPT a. group technology
b. uniform plan loading
c. minimize set up
d. quality at the source
e. large batch process
5.Supply-chain strategy concepts are applicable to what types of companies? a. Manufacturing
b. Service
c. Restaurants
d. Airlines
e. All of the above
6.Consider the following data from a company annual report: |Sales |1,000,000 | |Cost of Goods Sold |800,000 | |Raw Materials Inventory |100,000 | |Finished Goods Inventory |75,000 | |Work-in-Process |25,000 |

The inventory turnover for this company is
a. 4.0
b. 8.0
c. 10.67
d. 32
e. 2.0
7.Which of the following is NOT true about JIT systems?
a. The JIT system is based on the philosophy of eliminating waste and utilizing the full capability of the worker. b. Under JIT, the ideal lot size is one.
c. JIT is typically applied to repetitive manufacturing. d. The goal of JIT is to drive all...
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