Self Assessment

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Khiaria Wilkerson
February 6, 2013
Self Assessment Paper
Evaluating Your Lifestyle and Planning for Change

The first part of self assessing me was pretty important because it was a sum of my whole lifestyle in one. Giving me an overall look on what I should change or if I should even change any of my habits. My smoking score was a perfect 10, which was not surprising at all to me. My alcohol/drug score for this was seven points because I do drink. The score for my eating and exercising habits were perfect because I do a good job when it comes to eating right and working out on a daily. My stress control score was an eight, but I do understand why. I do know that I stress to some extent. My last score was safety and the score for that was a nine. I think my life is pretty amazing if you ask me.

Evaluating Your Sleep

For this section I had gained eight points. This is really not too surprising for me because I feel that I get enough sleep, even on my worse days. My results say that it shows that I am not suffering from any type of sleeping disorder. I honestly do not have any type of symptoms when it comes to if you have a sleeping disorder or not. I do know that sometimes I snore extra loud if I get two or three hours less of sleep. Then there is a few times where I feel as if I do catch a little bit of sleep at a stop light because I worked out to hard and hadn’t took a nap afterwards.

What Keeps You from Being More Active?

I know it is hard to believe but I have gotten the score zero for every single barrier because I am totally and 100% involved in working out. I love working out and staying in shape, not only for my boyfriend or for other people to look at me but because I want it for myself. At the end of the day I want my body to feel good, from the inside to the outside. If you took time out your day, at least an hour, from watching TV then honestly it could help you out in the long run in a very beneficial way.

How Do...
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