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Part I: Conceptualizing a Business
September 26, 2013

In this paper’s content, Feather Duster’s Cleaning Services develops a conceptualized business plan to reflect its statements of mission, vision, and values. The company is a cleaning service whose objective is to comply with its statements while rendering the best quality work and to be the best service provider to its client.

Part I: Conceptualizing a Business
Feather Duster’s Cleaning Services is a company that is strategically supported by vision, mission, and values. Defining the business’ service is its mission statement; it ensures the success of its services by differentiation of other cleaning service companies. The vision of the company demonstrates its future outcome, and its guiding principles include culture, social responsibility, and ethics. Its vision, mission, and ethics guide analyzing the company’s strategic direction. The company analyzes customer’s needs by analyzing its strategy to achieve competitive advantage. Mission

Our purpose is to render trusted, quality cleaning service to our clients, and to improve our services by addressing customer needs where needed. As an advocate of Go Green, Feather Duster’s Cleaning Services uses only environmentally safe products for its clients. We provide our services in single and multiple family dwellings and all office size buildings within Clark County of Nevada State. Vision

The vision for Feather Duster’s Cleaning Service's short-term goal is to be the top cleaning service provider to its current and future clients within the next five years and to provide share holdings to our employees. Our long-term goals are to have multiple establishments throughout the state of Nevada and other neighbor states in 10 years.

Principles are what establish our company’s value, and by pledging our best efforts, we aim to meet satisfactory needs of our clients. With a social...
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