Wirless Technology in the Work Place

Topics: Employment, Wireless, Information technology Pages: 2 (586 words) Published: April 4, 2010
Wireless Technology in the Workplace
The utilization of wireless technology in the place of work, especially in government or public sectors has been escalating at a swift pace. There are a number of reasons behind this detonation. Adopting this technology at workplace enables an organization to benefit from uncountable advantages the technology encompasses. The benefits of using wireless technology in the workplace are measurable, significant, and clear (Seely and Duguid, 2000). Each and every day more and more sectors both in public and private are realizing these adorable benefits, not only for Information technology departments, but similarly for office based staff as well. The major advantages of utilizing wireless technology in the workplace include cost reduction and augmented productivity due to great mobility and flexibility. Expanding or installing the wireless network is easy and fast. It avoids the cost, time, complexity, as well as disruption of cables pulling through ceilings and walls. Moves, add, and transformations within an organization using wireless technology becomes less costly and timely (Paul-Lin, 2004). With this technology at workplace fewer resources are spent on reconfiguration of organizational offices. The technology is very productive when used in the workplace, as employees are able to access the required information for their respective jobs and at the time they require such information. It enables the field and remote workers to connect as soon as they reach at workplace. Since individuals stay in network connection, they are able to enter official information while moving (Paul-Lin, 2004). In this way it facilitates the productivity of employees at the workplace and thus enabling the organization to achieve their set objectives and missions to the public. Installation of wireless technology in the workplace gives the employees the freedom to move anywhere and anytime at their place of work or in a multi building while...

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