Winding Up of Company:

Topics: Asset, Sole proprietorship, Liquidation Pages: 4 (1391 words) Published: March 16, 2011
Winding up of Company:
Winding up of a company is the process whereby its life is ended and its property administered for the benefit of its creditors and members. An administrator called a liquidator, is appointed and he takes control of the company, collects its debts and finally distributes any surplus among the members in accordance with their rights. Kind of Companies can be wound up:

Only a limited company can be wound-up. The term "winding-up" (or "wound-up") bears a similar meaning of "liquidation". It generally means that all the assets of the company would be realized (sold off and converted to cash) through a legal process in order to repay its debts. Winding-up would bring a company to an end. A limited company is a company that is registered under the Companies Ordinance. It is a separate legal entity (i.e. it can sue or be sued in legal proceedings). The liabilities of shareholders are limited to the value of the company's shares held by them (limited by shares). Another situation, which is not common in commercial organizations, is that the liabilities of shareholders are limited to the amount in which the shareholders have agreed to contribute to the company's assets if the company is being wound-up (limited by guarantee). An "unlimited company" or a sole trader is not a "company" in a strict sense. It is a business operated in the form of a sole proprietorship. In other words, the business is owned by an individual. A sole proprietor is solely and personally responsible for the liability of the business.  A partnership is a form of business owned by two or more persons (partners). The partners are personally jointly and severally liable (i.e. every partner should be liable) for the liability of the business. An overview of winding-up procedures:

You can get a general picture on the winding-up procedures (except "voluntary Winding up) from the following steps: ➢ Firstly, issuing a written demand for debt repayment to the target company...
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