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Now ,there are more positive changes than ever in Burma. Negotiations with the ethnic leaders for reconciliation , freedom of the press and the other changes are telling Burma is a very promising country. The new political situation with many changes is demanding many educated people from different ethnic groups to participate in the construction of the new democratic country. At the time like this, being a migrant teacher on the border can’t give me any satisfaction. My energy, vitality and hope tell me I need to take more responsibility for my country. What I have learned is not enough to be in an important role for the country. So I need to learn more. Then I discovered and realized that what the most relevant program for me is. That is IR (International relations). There are many ethnic leaders who love peace and who are thinking of refugee affairs. I don’t doubt their good willingness. But having a good willingness alone is not enough to build peace. They also need to know how to build peace, how to reconcile among different ethnic groups and different religions. So we need many people from the different ethnic groups who are good at building peace and I want to be one of them. That is why I chose this program (IR). IR is the program for students who are interested in international and regional studies. The field of this program includes the study of the history, politics, the causes and consequences of war and the conditions for peace, cultures of regional systems around the world which are relevant skills for one who really loves peace and wants to help his people. There are also some other subjects that are supposed to be very useful for one who wants to work at an NGO in a country like Burma . They are the study of economics, global health, nutrition, and the environment as they relate to international relations. So if I study in this program, I will be able to help the people in my country as a peacemaker or as an ethnic politician...
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