Why I Want to Obtain My Master

Topics: Master's degree, Academic degree, Doctorate Pages: 2 (798 words) Published: August 18, 2009
In the contemporary world university degree is very important and many students enter the university each year to earn their bachelors or Master’s. Usually people use their university degree to advance their careers and to achieve success. But those people who have ambitions and who determinate with their career plans, the best decision is to continue education and to develop and improve theoretical knowledge and practical skills in chosen field. Besides educational background, practical experience also lays important role in the career. Due to my current obligations (work/life) I have the desire to receive further education cannot interrupt my current career and do not have an opportunity to attend traditional classes and to devote several years of my life exceptionally to the studying. By obtaining my master`s degree I have a better chances in the competitive labor market and usually have higher level of income. (To be honest) By obtaining this higher degree and good educational background and wide practical experience I will have good opportunities to be successful. By obtaining my Master degree via Capella University, I will have wide range of choice and can choose that educational program which will meet all of my needs and requirement. By me obtaining my master’s degree in mental health counseling it would possible display the different in different spheres are more flexible and have combined knowledge and skills. Why I chose to pursue a master’s degree? “I want to go back to school for my master’s” has almost become my mantra over the last few years. I always knew that returning to school was in my future, but struggled with when to return and which degree I wanted to pursue. Knowing that I had to balance school and work schedules, I considered a Master in Counseling with a focus on Mental Health. Ever since I was a little girl, I always liked working or helping others. When I was studying in for my Bachelors in Social Work, I would really enjoy my...
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