Why I am pursuing an MBA

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Construct an itemized list (2 or 3 pages) of your expectations for the MBA program. -Expectations would include yours, your families, your cohort or learning team, assignments, and your instructor. -What do you perceive as your greatest challenge and how will you address it? My expectations of the MBA program here at Brenau University are to gain further knowledge and skills to become a more efficient and effective manager. I expect to put all of my energy in exceeding the GPA requirements, attending classes and completing my work assignments on time. Furthermore, I expect that through my dedication and hard work that this degree will help me advance in my career, empower me with the right tools and increase my personal knowledge. I expect to fully prepare myself to learn and retain business concepts that I will implement and use on my career path and in several aspects of life. My family’s expectation of me during my pursuit of a MBA is that I succeed. With that being said, I expect for my family to support me through this process by stepping in and helping with the day to day activities of son when I am unable to do so. As for my son (age 9), he understands that a lot of my extra time will be diverted to my academic studies right now and that I am pursuing this degree in hopes to secure a better future for us. The expectations I have for my learning team consist of mainly three traits. First, I expect for us to be an academic support system for each other. It would be great that if in regards to certain topics or areas that one may not fully grasp the concept of that we would be able to consult with each other to gage opinions and maybe achieve a better understanding. Secondly, I expect for each member to do their best in keeping the line of communication open and efficient between us. Last but not least, I expect that each member will put their best foot forward in completing our assigned task and that we succeed at depending and learning from each...
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