Why We Believe What We See

Topics: Eye, Visual perception, Retina Pages: 1 (381 words) Published: September 5, 2011
Why we believe what we see? Actually, the real reason why our eyes deceive us is that our eyes function in our brains. The eye is quite a complex part of the body. There are more than a billion parts work together in the same time. The vision is an important sense which is supported by the brain that receives the information from the eye. Firstly, as light enters the eye, “it passes through a thin transparent protective shield on the front of the eye”, which is called the cornea. The clear cornea helps the eye to focus the incoming light by bending them. Then the rays enter the pupil. “Pupil is the black hole in the center of the eye”, which regulates the amount of light incoming. Moreover, as light conditions change, the iris, as the colored part of the eye, may also control more or less light into the eye by expanding to make the pupil bigger or shrinking to make the pupil smaller. Thirdly, after light travels through the pupil, it will pass through the lens, which is controlled by a band of muscle named the ciliary muscle. Actually, just like the lens of a camera, the human lens is responsible to focus light. It can change its shape to make the nearby or far distant objects reflect on the retina clearly. Fourthly, light is going to enter the retina after passing through the centre of the eye vitreous. “The retina is a thin, light sensitive membrane that lines the inner of the eye”. Much like film in a camera, it is responsible for converting the vision to the optic nerve. What’s more, the centre of the retina is called the macula. Because it contains a high concentration of photoreceptor, it can tell the brain what we are seeing. As the last step, “optic nerve sends all visual information from the eye to the brain”, which is what we see at last. Because of these, sometimes we are treated by ourselves. Not only is the eye a visual organ that may deceive us externally, but also it can represent our ideas in practical life. Now, Ocean will give us an example from...
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