Henry Lawson Distinctively Visual

Topics: Outback, Comedy Pages: 3 (979 words) Published: July 22, 2013
Our study of the distinctively visual deepens our understanding of the world and those who inhabit it.

Distinctively visual techniques are skilfully employed by Henry Lawson and Kriv Stenders to deepen our understanding of the world of the Australian outback and those who inhabit it, through their struggles and independence with some humour applied to the stories. These visual effects allow us to get a better understanding of the feelings of the characters and relate their life lessons to our everyday life. The Drover’s Wife creates a vivid picture of an independent and isolated mother’s hardship of taking care and protecting her family. Another story by Henry Lawson called The Loaded Dog shares a more humour filled side to the isolated communities of the Australian bush where mateship is the main theme and the relationship between friends when the tension rises. Kriv Stenders’s story Red Dog tells us the journey of different individuality of workers brought together to form a community by a special dog. The drover’s wife is a truly inspiring story that can be related to all of our lives and can teach us many life lessons on responsibility and independence and the values of giving. The beginning “No horizon… no nothing” uses repetition to set the scene and make us understand the loneliness and isolation in their environment. The complication created by the snake brings out the true protective side of the mother and their dog called alligator. “Now and then the bush woman lays down her work and watches, and listens, and thinks.” I found this line very significant and made me visualize her gaze to the squeaky floorboards on the lookout for the giant reptile and contemplating her life but not in a way of feeling sorry for herself but more about the hardships that the land is responsible for: bushfires, losing a child, and famine. The author also avoids giving a name to the heroine of the story so we can judge and picture her based on what she has done and who...
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