The Tired Swimmer Case

Topics: Acetylcholine, Action potential, Neuron Pages: 3 (613 words) Published: April 21, 2014
The Tired Swimmer Case Study

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Answer the Following Questions for Parts IIV.

Part I:

1. What vital signs or symptoms does Annie exhibit?
Fatigue, blurred vision, eye strain, shortness of breath, loss of control over muscles 2. Can you see any common features in Annie’s signs and symptoms? All relate to nervous system
3. Why is Annie having problems breathing?
She was walking up flights of stairs
4. What are the possible reasons for Annie’s condition?
Peripheral Neuropathy, multiple sclerosis
Part II:

1. What additional vital signs or symptoms does Annie exhibit? Double vision, drooping eyelids, strange sleeping habits
2. From the internet, find a picture that shows the mammalian spinal cord in cross section. Include the url where you found it and a statement of why you feel this is a good example.

3. How could a decline in muscle function contribute to eye strain and blurred vision? When light is refracted into the eye through the lens it hits a point called the fovea centralis, which focuses the light with the use of cones and sends a message to the brain. When the cilliary body doesn’t help the lens to focus and achieve the message signal to the brain, we get double vision. 4. What are the possible reasons for Annie’s condition?

lack of oxygen in the bloodstream which would cause muscle cramps and lactic acid buildup or multiple sclerosis which has all of the symptoms expressed.  Part III:

1. According to the conduction test, was Annie’s nerve function normal? Yes
2. According to Annie’s EMG test, was Annie’s skeletal muscle function normal? No
3. Considering your answers to Questions 1 and 2, why did activity in Annie’s motor nerves produce a skeletal muscle response that fatigued during repetitive stimulation? Multiple Sclerosis
4. Create a table that replicates Figure 1 and fill it out...
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