Why to Become a Chartered Accountants

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Early or late, everyone has to start his vocational life. Its an important event of life because then after an entirely new world starts – THE WORLD OF WORK. Many courses are available for simple and common vocations which do not require any special skill. Anyone can do them. But …………. TO BE DIFFERENT IS TO BE RENOWNED……… So if one really wants to do something challenging and diversified, then Chartered Accountancy is the most dignified profession.


It was an old image that accountant are boring and old fashioned, they crunch numbers and work in compliance and tax. But the profession of CA has replaced and upgraded this old image and has created something which has reinvigorated the professional pride.


Globalization is resulting into cross border investments and operations. Complexity of arrangements and transactions has increased a lot. This is the root cause for the symbolic growth of the profession of accountancy in India. Today accounting can be called a vital function in peace time as also during war. Accounting is an outstanding professional field, with very substantial accomplishments to date and with a great potential. And as the dust settles on the global business landscape, international and local finance communities are looking for some outstanding professional and corporate guidance.

Due to fast increasing tempo of the industrial and economic development of the country, the confidence of the public in even reliable and well managed business undertakings would be seriously undermined, if unscrupulous persons were allowed to manipulate company accounts or otherwise indulge in malpractices only to serve there own ignoble ends. Therefore the government and the public are a like interested in maintenance of the independence and integrity of the accounting profession. The accounting and auditing profession have to answer for some very serious business failures- and our systems, training, and historical precedents are under the microscope. Professionally qualified accountants are playing productive role in this field.

As said by Bacon, “Studies serve for delight, for ornaments and for ability”. The goal of accounting education and practical experience is to produce competent professional accountant who are capable of making positive contribution over their lifetimes to the profession and society in which they work.


• CAs are said to be the persons born with an intense taste of figures and mathematics. • A CA is one who stands tall in his commitment towards honesty, sincerity and towards doing his duties diligently and with full dedication. This is the reason why the CAs are assigned with important tasks by the society and thus relied upon greatly by the government. • CA will mean :- Money

Utilization of skills and talents
Recognitions by peers
Security and much more……………


Before knowing the major points different views are put which, though not much considerable, can for their own sake attract a person toward this profession.

✓ A course which provides practicalities of life while pursuing the course itself i.e. during articleship phase. ✓ An opportunity to acquire on the job work experience of a professional nature. ✓ Responsibility taking ability grows even during the articleship training so it is clear that after becoming CA it will grow like anything. ✓ Different types of people come into contact in this profession hence exposure is provided to socio economic environment. ✓ Very deep computer knowledge is provided and also sought in this course. ✓ This course includes comparatively very less cost.

✓ Those who are really interest in accountancy and finance, for them this course is a benchmark. ✓ This profession has immense...
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