My Personal Goal Statement in Accounting and Finance

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My Personal Goal Statement in Accounting and Finance
‘Accounting is like Art’. You have to analyse every aspect before making a just decision. A teacher of mine once told me that if you were good at art, you would be good at accounts. It was hard to find her logic at first, but after I choosing to take Principles of Accounts in SPM, it all began to make sense. You need logic; everything has a set order and method. Each piece is placed carefully and has a high significance amongst its environment. You need analytical skills. Take apart every piece of information and use it to make your own decisions.

Passing with distinction and I have been awarded Level 2 Certificate in Book-keeping and Accounts, I can proudly say that I possess the skills that will lead me to SIM. I have developed an interest in studying accounts or and would therefore like to continue doing so at university. The course that I would like to do at SIM is Accounting and Finance. I feel that the two subjects combine well with one another and on many occasions I have founds that my knowledge of one has helped me with the other. Studying Maths and Business has also provided me with logic and a greater understanding of various concepts and methods. I have become more flexible in identifying what concepts need to be used and when, thus, helping me to achieve the greatest results possible. I have the ability to pick up skills and knowledge quickly and am independent enough to conduct my own study and research.

My main ambition for the future is to become an Accountant Executive or Chartered Accountant. I am hoping the course I do will provide me with an understanding of the accounts world as well as offering me a wide range of choices and connections after my course. After studying Diploma in Accounting, I decided to take a step further and study for Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance under University of London, UK at SIM. I believe that studying a...
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