Why the Mind Matter in the Christianity

Topics: Jesus, Christianity, Kingdom of God Pages: 1 (315 words) Published: April 19, 2013
why the mind matters in christianity
Paul wrote to the Philippians that their mind should be the same as that of Christ Jesus (Phil 2:5). Keeping holy mind is essential for Christian life. On the contrary, troubling mind is the biggest enemy of Christian faith. It makes believers turns their gaze to the world instead of the kingdom of God. Therefore, Christians need to guard their mind. First, the mind is important in Christianity because of various factors in the world which cause a disturbed mind. In today’s modern world, it is difficult for Christians to keep faith. In the bible, however, it is not difficult to meet many Christians who lived in peace even in the midst of distress. Christians should remember that the peace of God guards their hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. Second, believers must be able to conquer their own mind. Otherwise, the world will conquer Christians. If they had cherished sin in their mind, God would not have listened. They should fill their mind with the word of God and continue their mind to praise God. Therefore, mind and its cultivation are important for spiritual growth in God’s kingdom. Third, the mind matters in Christianity to fear God. Christians should concentrate their mind on Jesus Christ. Things that they love more than God make their mind corrupt. Since everything in the world is to disappear rapidly, it is not a target Christians follow. Fearing God with all their mind is the most important duty of Christians. All in all, Christians encounter many enemies of the Christian mind in their daily lives. In this sense, they need to exert all possible efforts to guard their mind. Then, they do not shake even when there is terrible situation in the world. keeping the Christian mind is keeping their faith. Therefore, they should love their God with all their mind.
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