Why Should College Athletes Get Paid

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College Athletes: To pay or not to pay?
After being established in 1905 with the help of former President of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt, the NCAA has become on of the most profitable organizations in America. The NCAA makes approximately 11 million dollars from CBS alone for just the three weekends of March Madness. Many other college sports bring each of their respected programs millions upon millions of dollars each year. This is why college athletes have must be paid a salary by the NCAA.
It is extremely difficult to get through college alone, but now imagine being a college athlete and training upwards of 30 to 40 hours a week to perform adequately in competetion. Most athletes that do participate in these workouts do not...

One main reason that athletes should not be paid is how athletes with scholarships can make anything from 20.00 dollars to 50,000 dollars and many scholarships allow athletes to purchase anything from food from the school to living essentials they may need. An argument one may use against this that only 56 percent of all college athletes get any form of a scholarship. So the majority of people do not get any form scholarships which will lead to student loan debts. Another argument one may have against college athletes getting paid is some of the greatest athletes in their sports get massive scholarships so they pay next to nothing to go to college. Even though that is true there have been plenty of professional caliber athletes that have gotten career ending injuries during a college season. They may have been getting free or reduced college tuition but they missed out on millions of dollars they would have potentially earned while playing in the professional...

At the end of this many of the best talents will leave to overseas markets in hockey, baseball, basketball, and many other sports will go and play for teams we never heard of and they may waste some valuable years of their careers outside of the United...
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