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Why People Smoke

By hellokitty36 Apr 08, 2011 657 Words
Why people smoke
Tobacco is a silence kill. Smoking is a major contributing factor in lung cancer. Smokers with high-level NNAL is twice more likely to have lung cancer than nonsmokers. And the health risks of tobacco smoking are well known with regard to diseases of the heart, lungs, and blood vessels. The average life expectancy of smokers is fewer 4.6 years than non-smokers. Smoking has so much harm. But why we meet smokers everywhere. It is reported that China currently has about 3.5 million smokers. Over the years, Chinese tobacco has been keeping seven "world first ":the first number of tobacco acreage,the first amount of acquired tobacco,the first number of cigarette production,the first amount of smokers,the maximum tax profit through the sale of tobacco,the first number of people die of smoking related diseases. Smoking endangers health, why does that person smoke even? Addicted to Nicotine

For smokers, smoking is not just a habit. It is also a performance of difficult to refuse nicotine addiction. We now understand that it's this substance that keeps people smoking, despite all the warnings. Nicotine is a kind of alkaloids exists in the Solanaceae plants,and an important component of tobacco. Nicotine is an addictive drug. Because addiction to nicotine is as strong as an addiction to heroin, abstinence is difficult. When smokers smoke, smog carries the nicotine into the body. 90% of the nicotine is absorbed by the lungs, 1 / 4 of which is absorbed into the brain within a few seconds. Nicotine is combining with the receptors to produce dopamine. Dopamine can make people feel cheerful. However, nicotine is very easy to be out of the body. With the reduction of nicotine in the body, the secretion of dopamine levels decreased rapidly. Smokers may feel irritable, malaise, nausea, and headache and have a desire to add nicotine. Once nicotine replacement, the dopamine is immediately dumped. So smokers feel good again. They formed a "reward circuit” of nicotine dependence in the brain. With the "reward circuit " deepening formed,smokers dependent on nicotine. It is called nicotine addiction. Nicotine addiction is the biggest hazard for smokers. Once smokers get nicotine addiction, they need to smoke a cigarette every 30-40 minutes to stabilize the nicotine levels in the brain. So the nicotine makes smokers formed the habit of smoking. Psychological Needs

A psychologist says that smoking is a psychological need, a habit and a psychological dependence. He states, "People smoke, not because of the taste of cigarettes, but because smoking provides them with certain psychological satisfactions they can get in no other way." Many researchers now think that every smoker has to smoke to promote their own reasons, some for social needs, and some in order to reduce stress, while others are in pursuit of fashion. China has 300 million smokers. It not only means a very large data, but also contains smokers’smoking reasons:the poor, anxiety and live pressure. So smoke is present as a spiritual ballast, like alcohol. Silence in the Government

The Government generally has a large number of media resources. So It's very easy for the Government to evangelize how this will be good for public health. Therefore, the Government plays an important role in the anti-smoking campaigns. The grim statistics show that unless governments get more involved, the number of tobacco users will continue to increase worldwide and so will the number of tobacco-related deaths. The government ban smoking is very necessary and important to us. But the governments of most countries have not stood for complete prohibition of cigarette smoking. So this is the reason which leads to a large number of smokers. Why people smoke? Their own reasons and external environment will cause people to smoke. Whatever the reason,it is a fact that smoking is a danger to health. For the sake of yourself,please refrain from smoking.

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