Why Paul Is Considered Second to Jesus in Christianity - New Testament

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REL 201 – Intro to the New Testament
Essay 4

Explain why Paul is often considered second only to Jesus in his contribution to Christianity.

To understand Paul and why he is regarded so high as to be put only second to Jesus is bewildering to some. We must first though understand Pauls’ background and his overall divine message he is trying to portray to understand why he is regarded as he is.

Paul, whom was born in Cilicia, was named also Saul which means “asked for”. He was brought up from a fairly rich Jewish family. Which if you were a foreigner in Roman lands it was a requirement to be wealthy. Paul had to start learning the scriptures at the age of five and had to take full obligation of the law at thirteen. I believe Him coming from this wealthier family and having the chance at such a profound education helped him with his later writings in his text. Paul was a unmarried man and spent most of his years preparing for his ministry and was the last apostle to the Gentiles. What made him famous throughout his ministry were his four missionary journeys and he wrote much of the New Testament. Paul eventually ended up beheaded by Nero in Rome at AD 67.

Paul never knew Jesus; in fact he even at one time persecuted Jesus’ disciples. Paul claims though he received a apokalypsis (revelation) of Christ risen and it transformed his life. He claims that Jesus’ himself revealed to him the one true Gospel. This of course created distinction between him and the other apostles. It has been documented that he frequently argued with his close companions and other various groups. I can see why there is such distinction, because he was never present with Jesus’ himself like those disciples of the past and he claims to receive the true Gospel personally from Jesus. Due to the harshness of his colleagues his missionary fields were far from established religious areas as possible. Paul found it easier to spread his word to people whom have not been...
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