Why Literature Is Important

Topics: Writing, Literature, Linguistics Pages: 1 (259 words) Published: February 7, 2012
Literature is a way in which we can capture and interpret what has happened and is happening to us personally and to the world as a whole. Writing, however, carries an importance, as literature simply would not exist if nobody wrote anything is the past, and for that reason I believe all who can write should.  One should take advantage of the great opportunity to be part of and contribute to the world and society in what he or she believes through writing.  I see literature in the societal sense a collective struggle to understand and make the best of the lives that we have all been given.  Literature serves as a way to fulfill our minds, and presents a way to improve the world not only through the beauty of its presence but through the ideas and tangible possibilities it possesses. Literature teaches us about laughter and love, about remembering and forgetting. It can create emotion and warn us against our many human faults. It can attempt to disprove other ideas or attempt to find truth. I think we are all looking to find truth in some form or another. Often, the uncertainty of a specific meaning of a piece of literature allows for its interpretation to be left for the reader to decide. What is certain, is that there are things to be learned from literature that are specific to it, that cannot be attained through anything else. To gather this knowledge and to experience its beauty all pertain to the importance of literature to me.
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