Why Is Nursing Research Important?

Topics: Nursing, Patient, Nurse, Health care, Health care provider, Medicine / Pages: 1 (123 words) / Published: Sep 12th, 2015
I agree with you that it is impossible for a nurse to know every disease and treatment options. I think it is important for us as nurses to remember this as well and to stop and think before we answer a medical question. Also the medical field is changing all the time and one way of thinking in the past may not be what research says is best now. In chapter three Fain discusses evidence-based nursing stating that it is, “the conscientious, explicit, and judicious use of theory-derived, research-based information in making decisions about care delivery to” patients (Fain, 2013, p47). It is important for us nurses to take the time and do the research so that we can provide the best care.

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