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Assignment 2: A critique of the literature

Nurses are expected to deliver high quality care with the latest techniques and information available. In order to do this nurses are required to actively participate to nursing research and critique them. Nursing research has increased greatly in the past three decades exposing nurses to latest knowledge, to provide quality care to the patients (Polit & Beck, 2004). Further more, to provide evidence based practice, nurses must be able to assess and critique research to evaluate and to judge whether the research is useful, good quality, current and safe to apply in their practice (Fink,2005). This essay critiques a quantitative original research article, which is relevance to nursing. The research article “Cardiovascular risk of essential hypertension: Influence of class, number, and treatment-time regimen of hypertension medication” by authors Ramon c. Hermida, Diana E. Ayala, Aetemio Mojon and Jose R. Fernandez was published in 2013 by Informa health care USA in Chronobiology international journal volume 30. This essay will critique the above research paper using the systematic frame work provided by Schneider, Whitehead, Lobiondo-Wood & Haber(2013 p 15) including the title, abstract, method, literature review, results, discussion and conclusion of the research paper. Title

Title of a research article should describe and focus on the research conducted (Cormack, 2000). The title of the research paper by Hermida et al, 2013, clearly describes the purpose of the research and indicates the relevant area of study and the target population. However, by reading the title alone it is difficult to identify the nature of study and requires the reader to continue reading the abstract. It could be argued that it is better to describe this in the title thus it will help the reader to identify whether the research is useful to their practice (Cormack, 2000). Authors’ qualifications are not provided, however it is indicated that the research was conducted by Bioengineering and chronobiology laboratory in a university in Spain. Therefore, it is unable to decide whether the authors have sufficient research skills and expertise to carry out the study.

According to Schneider et al (2013) abstract of an article is a brief summary of the study at the start of an article. Abstract focuses on the important points of the study. It states the purpose, the method, the results and the conclusion of the study ( Schneider et al, 2013). The abstract by Hermida et al (2013 ) clearly describe the purpose of the study and the...
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