Why is Dell successful in e-commerce?

Topics: Customer relationship management, Customer service, Sales Pages: 2 (605 words) Published: June 20, 2014
In the era of information technology, e-commerce is becoming one of the best ways to purchase goods and services. Not only it is fast but also it provides a lot of benefits to consumers. In fact, many companies have failed in e-commerce. However, there are also many companies are really successful in that field such as dell or ebay. In this essay, the reasons that make Dell, in particular, become successful will be fully discussed. According to “What-is-dell” (2007), Dell, is a computer hardware manufacturer and distributor and other services related. The company is one of the world's biggest computer distributors in terms of both quantity of units sold and gross income, and one of the United States' largest corporations. From 1999 until 2006 Dell delivered more complete computer systems worldwide per quarter than any other PC manufacturer. It is shown by an article “E-commerce within Dell” (2004) that Dell has huge revenues of $38.2 billion worldwide and employs over 41,000 staff worldwide. Dell opened its website www.dell.com in 1996 for e-tailing and it had a huge success with the online sales reached $1 million in 1997. The large revenues can partly show how successful Dell is. One of the reasons brings Dell to success is Dell has a direct relationship with customers (Ongoing Customer Relationship Management At Dell, 2013). Gerhard Gschwandtner (2014) stated that CEO of Dell created a company based on the assumption that if you could eliminate unnecessary steps in the marketing process, customers will be satisfied with a much better system. Therefore, according to “Dell Customer Relation Management” (2012) cost will be cut by eliminating the other channels or distributors and spend those saved dollars on customer service and other after sale services in order to build great relationships with customers. Not only is this way time-saving but it also is money-saving. For example, with most PC makers, they have to go through many distributors or retailers and...
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