Why French Mothers Are Superior

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“Why French Mothers Are Superior”

Most parents would agree, what it is a full time job to have children and it is hard, particularly when they are growing up. Lots of parents recognize the situation at the dinner table, when the kids wouldn’t sit still and eat their food as well as the time at the supermarket, then they are begging for candy and sweet stuff. And when bedtime comes you will have the endless fights about brushing teeth and going to sleep. These problems are described in the essay “Why French Mothers Are Superior” written by Pamela Druckerman in The Wall Street Journal, February 4, 2012. She here point out the difference between the American children and the French children and how they behave.

This essay have a strong expression at how the reporter engages the reader. Start by analysing and looking at the rhetorical situation to find out what the situation is. The writer of this text is Pamela Druckerman, which makes the he a first-person narrator because she is using her own point of view, opinion and experience. She tries to make a message by the informative message function, where she focus on the contents and the factual information that the American children are not as raised as the French. She is using logos to appeal to our logic and reason. She refers to out internal consistency in her message. She appeals to reason by being objective, neutral and balanced in her language. She also use the directive message function where she focus in the receiver, what to think or do. To persuade the reader that it is a problem and it is not imposable to change. She is imperative and use pathos witch appeals to emotions. She causes the reader to respond emotionally and the reader identifies them with Pamela Druckerman’s point of view. She makes in her story mainly affects other moms like her, or someone who has an idea of what it is like to be a mom. She does not use any statistics, so the reader relate to her and her problems with the hard work...
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