The Ambitions of Walter White

Topics: Antagonist, Mexican Drug War, Villain Pages: 3 (921 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Zeesha Ansar
English 4
3 March 2013
The Ambitions of Walter White
Ambition is described as a desire for some type of achievement or distinction, as power, honor, fame, or wealth. In the case of Walter white he is all about power and wealth. Walters main purpose of acquiring wealth was when he dies he will leave a fortune in his family's name. Power is also described as fame for his blue crystal. He wants to create the purest form of meth. He is proud of it because no one has accomplished such an excellent form of science and mathematical brain work to make something so horrid. Walter knew there was nothing interesting about his job as a chemistry teacher, and he was about to die anyways so why not do something worth dying for. Walter achieved eternal happiness through knowing he had at least satisfied one group of people even though making others disagree of his satisfaction. Walter has risen high in the dark world, but to do so he’s moved from a protagonist to an antagonist. Cancer pushed him out of his own body and into the devils where he struggles with sick and twisted meth heads and trigger men. Walter has a changing persona one of which is an average American male who is growing old and the other half who is a drug perfection psycho taking over the protagonist half of him to do the deeds that no one could possibly do in their sane minds. “On the other hand, there are “real bad guys” as well that are in a way, worse than Walt. They are the Mexican drug cartel. This becomes a situation called the lesser of two evils. We know that unfavorable things are going to happen, so we pick the lesser of the two threats to root for”(Bad Guy). In this case by knowing Walt’s background history we would root for him because he is doing it for somewhat of a good purpose. But perspective ruins situations like this. If we knew the story from the point of view of Gus, it would be hard determining who the real bad guy is. Walters’s business was getting out of...

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