Why Do People Use Social Networking Sites?

Topics: Social network service, Orkut, Classmates.com Pages: 3 (449 words) Published: May 13, 2013
In my opinion I think people use social networking because it saves them a lot time. In

my Computer and Social Change 309 class we surveyed hundred and forty two people. Our

result showed that the number one reason for people using social networking was for Connecting

with Friends and Family with ninety six percent of the votes. Coming in second was

entertainment with eighty-three percent votes which was followed by raising social awareness

with thirty-four percent. Next was making friends with twenty-three percent and trailing behind

was work with twenty-two percent. Last but not lease twelve percent chose they use social

networking for other reasons and coming in last with ten percent of the votes prefer to use social

networking for romantic relationship.

So next I wanted to compare and find out how accurate were my classroom survey result

stack up against a larger scale. I came across this organization called SINTEF they are an

independent research group that constructed a similar survey of what my class used about why

people use social networking sites. They asked 1,764 social network users an open question

regarding their reasons for using social network. There result showed that connecting with

friends and family and maintaining relationship was the number one response with thirty-one

percent of 669 votes and second was making friends with a percent of twenty-one and 460 votes.

Coming in third was raising social awareness with fourteen percent and 298 votes followed by

entertainment with twelve percent and 265 votes. Lastly appearing with three percent and 72

While comparing the results of two surveys you can clearly see that one of the main

usages for social networking were for Connecting with Friends and Family. As most people

in this world tend to have busy lives, not having enough time to see friends and family face to

face does not always fit into our daily schedules. One thing think that I...
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