Essay on the Quantitative Techniques of Management

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Quantitative Assignment - 1

P 12 - Batch: Students Profile

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Prof. P Lakshmanan

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|S.No. |Title |Page No. | |1. |Synopsis |3 | |2. |Objective |3 | |3. |Process Chart |4 | |4. |Limitations |4 | |5. |Quantitative Tools |4 | |6. |Analysis |5 | |7. |Conclusion |15 |

1. Synopsis:

This assignment is taken up in order to understand the personnel profile and behavioral pattern of students who undertake the part time PGDM courses in LIBA. Inferences are drawn from the survey results taken among P12 (Part time) batch students. A total of 65 students participated in the survey which aimed at analyzing each student’s personnel data, their expectations from LIBA and suggestions which they felt would improve the standards of LIBA further.

The entire batch is split into 8 groups and about 28 questions are framed for the survey through online by the group heads. The outcome of the survey is analyzed individually by each student and findings with recommendations are submitted to Prof. P. Lakshmanan for scrutiny.

2. Objective:

The key objectives of the assignment are to:

✓ Analyze the personnel data of each student like their location, industry sector, age, gender, etc.

✓ Expectations and satisfactory levels of students who have taken up part time PGDM programme in LIBA.

✓ Present the findings using various quantitative tools for better understanding.

✓ Identify and suggest specific areas where the institution can look upon for betterment of part time PGDM courses for the Students.

3. Process Chart:

The entire process from formation of groups till presentation of data is shown as a flow chart.


4. Limitations:

Survey is conducted only among P12 batch Part Time Students of LIBA and opinions are limited only to the said batch. Also, the duration of this course is for three years while it varies for courses offered in other institutions.

5. Quantitative tools:

Bar graphs, histograms, tables, pie chart, dough nut chart, line graphs and radar charts are used to represent various parameters. The assignment gave an opportunity to understand various quantitative tools and their appropriate usage.

6. Analysis and Inferences:

Of the 28 questions surveyed, our group concentrated on 20 main elements and their analyses are presented below.

Fig 1 & 2: Location



Fig 3 & 4: Organization and Industry type



Fig 5: Report on student’s income


Fig 6: Current position in the Organization


Fig 7: Life @ LIBA


Fig 8: Academic Reputation and Value for Money


Fig 9: Satisfaction level of the...
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