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Topics: Social network service Pages: 3 (316 words) Published: March 22, 2011
“Social Networking”

A. Dear Respondents:

We, the students of San Pablo Colleges, are pleased to inform you, that we are conducting a study on social networking and its effect on our lives. In this regard, we shall need your help in gathering the data that we need by simply answering the questions given below. We are giving in advance our deepest gratitude and thanks for your cooperation. Thank you.

B. Respondents Profile

Name: _____________________________________

Age: _________

Sex: ____ male _____female

Course: ____________________________________

Address: ____________________________________

Religion: ____________________

Status: _________________

C. Questionnaire:

1. Do you Consider Social Networking Safe?


2. Do you have your profile on any the following social networking services?

_____Blogger _____Linked in
_____Youtube_____Other (specify) _______________

3. If you are NOT participating with any of social networking websites, what is the main reason why?

_____I don’t have time
_____It is not interesting for me
_____I do not want any publicity
_____It is against my religion
_____Other (please specify)

4. How many connections (“Friends”) you have for your Social Network’s profile (on average):

_____Less than 10_____200+
_____10 – 49_____400+
_____50 – 99_____500+
_____100+_____Others (specify) ________________

5. How many communities/groups are you a member of?

_____1 – 5_____50+
_____Up to 10_____others (specify) ________________

6. How often do you usually log on to your favorite service(s)?

_____24 hours_____Several times a day
_____Once in a few days_____Once in a week
_____Once a month_____others (specify) _________________

7. How much time (on average) do you spend...
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