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Topics: Informed consent, Shopping mall, Participation Pages: 2 (355 words) Published: November 20, 2010
Why teenagers in the United States are abusing drugs and alcohol

List your research objectives or provide an abstract of your proposal.

Gather accurate information on teenagers using drugs and alcohol •Discover the causes of teens abusing drugs and alcohol
Think for solutions to help curb using drugs and alcohol •Propose a study to be conducted on teenagers
Maintain integrity and privacy of people involved in my research

2. Does your research involve human participants in any way?

Yes my research involves human participants, because I will be conducting surveys and conducting interviews

The participants of my study will be minors; the focus will be on teenagers specifically

I will offer gift cards to local shopping malls to the participants in my study, hopefully this will encourage them to participate in my study and surveys

Participants will fill out surveys separately in a classroom setting and will be given extra class credit and a small denomination of a gift card for participating. Upon completion of the questionnaires the participants will be told to put their completed surveys in a sealed drop box.

Participants will sign consent forms which will be stored in a secure location separate from the questionnaires. All data will be accessible only to the researcher, and the questionnaires will not have any personal information on them.

6. How will informed consent be obtained? Attach the informed consent document.

7. Attach a risk assessment summary.

There are minimal risks to the participant subjects in my study. Physically there is no immediate danger since they will be in a school setting with teachers and supervisors around. There are no economic risks to the participants either. Minor psychological risks may include a increase experiment with drugs or alcohol, or students possibly sharing results with each other outside the classroom, that may promote rumors and experimental risks for teens trying...
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