Why Computers Are Helpful

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Computer plays an important role in many of our lives and has become a part of a daily routine. The computer is really important to me in my life because it has allowed me to do many different things. The computer has allowed me to stay connected with friends and family around the world, helps me with my education and allows me to see the events that are occurring around the world, and it also provides entertainment for yourself.

The computer allows me to stay connect with my friends and family around the world. On normal basis when I come home from school and I need to talk with friends, I use Instant Messaging application such as Windows Live to chat with my friends. Since I don’t have any close relatives here, I keep in touch with my relative in India by using Skype. With Skype I can audio or video call them so that we can talk with them and see their face with the help of webcam. I use Facebook to see my friend’s and family’s their daily updates, pictures and any videos they uploaded. With the computer I can do much more than staying connected, I can use it to help me on my studies.

The computer helps me get education and see what is going on around the world. I can use the internet and software to get more information on my research topic. For example, when I got my Computer Science presentation on RAM, I used Internet to get my information, pictures and videos. Secondly, I don’t understand the topic “Functions” in my Math class. So, I can use the internet to get help from online tutoring or watch videos or read the data that are posted on the websites. I like to read new sometimes and I can use the website: www.thestar.com to read today’s news or I can go on www.cp24.com to watch the news. Studying a lot can be tedious, sometimes I need to let go and have fun and that fun is just a click away.

The computer is also the source of entertainment for me. I love watching movies in my free time, so I can either download them or watch them online using the...
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