Information Age

Topics: Mobile phone, Cellular network, Vacuum tube Pages: 3 (574 words) Published: April 21, 2015

Philemon ntow Research paper The information age is what we are in it today in the world today. Technology is used all around us. Through the use of computers, cellphones, pagers calculators videogame consoles and many other technologically advanced products. The information age is changing people’s lives. The information age is changing peoples every day activities and making tedious tasks run more efficiently. One invention I would look at in my paper is computers. The computer was invented by Charles Babbage in the 17th century. The first computer was invented by ABC short for Antanasoff Berry Computer. This technology is making society easier. The internet/computer has opened up a whole new world of information that everyone can access and utilize For example a student has a project to complete and research is required years ago the student would have gone to the library and spent hours searching through stacks of books just to find information. The internet/computer doesn’t only provide information but it also makes new forms of communications. Computers are beginning to be used in Movies and more. Computers help do works faster, more efficiently than humans. The computer makes a work faster than any human by programming the desired work facilitate the educational process by presenting and finding information clearly and rapidly. Computers has so many applications such as the internet. The computer made the computer has had a very important impact in our life because it helps do most of our work in our daily life like giving us knowledge. These tools allow us to look for jobs...

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