Why College Is Important

Topics: Higher education, Academic degree, High school Pages: 4 (1263 words) Published: January 20, 2006
College Education is most important because its knowledge that can never be taken away from you and you will always have your college education to fall back on. First of all, the value of a college education can be taken in all different kinds of aspects. When enrolling in school I look at it like this is my pride and glory and no one can take this from me. You can lose all your fame and fortune but if you have a college education it remains the same.

In my prospective college education is valued. College is a goal of mine that I'm going to achieve. With my Bachelor of Health Administration degree I plan on working in children's hospitals one of my biggest dreams. When attending college you have to truly be a level headed person and stay on track to get good grades. Education is the most important asset that you can have or achieve.

Being that college has its many expenses I look at it like I am buying a house. You have to be positive when looking at what all you have to put in when attending school. College very much itself has to be valued. You have to put a lot of your work and long hours when working on a degree. Going to school is not easy as it seems. Good study habits are one main factor when valuing college.

The importance of a college education is sometimes based on the society that we grow up in. Students look at what they have been through and try to do much better when they get a chance. When financial aid and grants keep in that's when I believe the students just at least try to make a descent grade to get by. When hard working people have to take out loans and make payment plans for there education that's when they strive to do there best.

Now a day's education and knowledge of many things are coming in handy. When you have a minimum wage job and also have a skill at another trade it's easy to work two jobs. The cost of living goes up every year, and with that being said many factories are closing now. Being that most of the people that...
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