Why College Isn T For Everyone Essay

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In “Is College Worth It? Clearly, New Data Say” and “Why college Isn’t for everyone, explained in a single chart” both articles argue whether college is important or not. In my opinion college is not for everybody but it will help you in the long run. Education is needed for you to grow and evolve in this world. Without education you are powerless and college will provide you with that power.

In “Is College Worth it? Clearly, New Data Say” by David Leonhardt, he argues that College is a smart financial decision. I clearly agree with David Leonhardt, some people may not be able to afford college but that shouldn’t stop you from going to college. Now In David Leonhardt article his data shows that American’s with a four-year college degree made 98 percent more an hour than average person without a degree in 2013. David Leonhardt shows this as evidence of why we need a four-year college degree because it clearly shows the
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Now Chris Matthews makes a clear argument of his point of view. He says that most people that goes to college end up with large debt loads or flunked out without ever landing a job. Chris Matthews support his argument with a chart that shows that a college degree don’t make more money than an average high school graduate. He makes it a point that college is just a waste of money and time for most people. He also argues that career choice has to do something with it. He states that “There are many jobs that require a degree but don’t pay very well.” Chris Matthews makes a very good argument some people out there don’t even have a clue what they want to do in life and rushing into college without any plan is reckless. He advice people to never be afraid to wait out, until they are for sure ready to pursue

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