why chinese mothers are superior

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In her essay "Why Chinese mothers are superior", Amy Chua claims that children raised by Chinese mothers are more successful in its direct children who are bred by Western mothers. According to the author, the beliefs of the Chinese parents allow their children to excel since they result in a strict, direct and strong education. Chua described a study of 50 Western mothers and 48 Chinese immigrant mothers revealed that Chinese mothers believe that their children's academic success is the direct result of good breeding.

She says that Chinese moms spend ten times more time working with the academic activities of their children, in contrast to Western mothers who prefer to spend more time with their children in sports In contrast, Western mothers believe that success Academics should not be stressed to their children. According to the author, there are three differences that cause this.

First, Chinese parents do not care about your child's self-esteem as Western parents do both. Second, Chinese parents say their children any goal in life is achieved thanks to their parents. Third, Chinese parents are sure they always know what is best for them. In my view, although there are undeniable differences between how Western and Chinese parents raise their children, I can not say that one type of parenting is innately better than the other.

The author also overemphasizes the Chinese as a group of unique parents. Sometimes Korean ethnicity is included and others as people qualify as Chinese. This seems to me plain racist. I feel she is clearly condescending towards Western culture and has a strong bias against it. It is also my opinion that the type of parenting that Chua advocates of totalitarian character and forces their children to excel in some particular topics, as she says, Mathematics, violin and piano. I want to emphasize that this type of education does not guarantee a happy boy or a balanced learning, and therefore I do not agree with his assessment that...
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