Rhetorical analysis

Topics: Parenting, Childhood, Parent Pages: 3 (574 words) Published: October 10, 2014
Cameron Hollingshead
10/7/2014 Dr.Knutson

There is no secret recipe available that allows parents to raise a successful child. If there were such a means to raise kids many parents would produce perfect children. Many parents strive to raise successful children and do what they believe is best for their children. However, the outcome of each son or daughter is dependent on the parenting style utilized. Some parents are more lenient towards their child by giving them more freedom to make their own decisions. Other parents implement a strict environment to which their child must adhere to. Regardless of the style utilized to raise a child, how successful children become is dependent on the parents. This is because each parent defines success differently. The question of how to raise a child successfully is seen in Amy Chua’s essay “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior.” Within her essay, Chua justifies her parenting by allowing others to see how she managed to raise her daughters. Thorough the use of the rhetorical triangle and personal anecdotes Chua seeks to explain how her strict parenting allowed her to raise two successful daughters, and how it could raise other successful children In the article about the superiority of Chinese mothers as opposed to their western counterparts , their were certain points within the literary work that was appealing to certain emotions and points of many audiences. In Paragraph one the introduction specifically speaks from mainly a logos appeal or an appeal to ones emotion. She describes the child rearing of western parents and how she disapproves of the methods used by said parents. Also she brings up the parenting strategies and anxiety of western parents when it comes to caring for their children, always thinking of the wants and needs of the child but going about it in the...
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