Why Books Are Better Than Ebooks

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Good Morning,

The topic that I have chosen is the debate that Books are better that eBooks, Kindles and iProducts to read off.

I would like to say that I don’t think that eBooks aren’t a bad thing and that should be banned, but that they aren’t the best way of reading. I believe that reading an actual paper book is much more satisfying. Books are things that are usually cherished as something that one can remember events in their life and the lives of others. Books are, in many ways, different to Kindle’s and other eReader’s. This is achieved through their feel, their accessibility and their sentimental value.

Someone could argue that books are easily lost because you may own so many and sure, they’d be right. But a normal novel would normally cost about $30. A just-below-decent Kindle would cost approximately $150 and it would be argued that you would leave a Kindle in the same place. But this is the same argument put forward about car keys, and how people say that they put their keys back in the drawer; they lose them and find them after a frantic length of time or they stay lost. However the amount of money that the books cost are on the Kindle and they become lost forever, the idea becoming a lot more worse now with the fact that you have lost maybe hundreds of books at once.

Imagine a scenario. A book that you have been waiting for, for the last three months has finally come out, and you want to go to Dymocks and buy it. You arrive and find that hundreds of other people have been waiting for the same book and have arrived before you. No matter you have your iPad with you. And a few touch of buttons later, ‘Hey Presto!’ you have a copy of the novel. Later that day it’s announced that the book has been sold out all over Australia. Then it’s announced that the author is coming to the bookstore near your house. You DO NOT go up to your favourite author and ask him/her to sign your iPad. That would look stupid.

Reading off an iProduct is very...
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