Why Become a Teacher

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Why Be a Teacher?

“Why be a teacher?” has come up many times. To give a simple answer, I want to change the world. Teaching to me is one of the most interesting, challenging, and dignified professions that exist. No one has more potential for touching the personal, social, and intellectual lives of students than the compassionate and committed teachers.

I decided to become a teacher when I met my husband. I have two-step children that needed a lot of assist in their studies. I personally took the time to help them comprehend what the concepts were that they were learning in school. By having excellent teachers growing up, I was able to help them take hold of the concept better.

During my internship, I hope that I am able to become skilled at the different ways a teacher can present the material they are going over, so I can teach the children myself. In addition, I want to be able to learn how to communicate with the children. The most important thing I hope to be able to do is constantly build on what I already know. What better way to learn about design and technology from one that is very inspired by it?

My greatest strengths as an intern would be that I have excellent people skills, personal stamina, self-respect, and self-confidence. I also have the ability to manage time, have thinking and leadership skills, and I am a team worker. I believe a teacher needs all of these strengths in order to be a strong and outstanding teacher.

The area I am most interested in teaching is kindergarten thru second grade. The reason I would like to teach these grade levels is to gain knowledge of all teaching skills and studies before I move on to any one single subject. That way I can decide the subject I will be the strongest in and be able to help children, the most important people of all.
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