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Goal Statement

By saglimbj Jan 16, 2006 535 Words
Goal Statement
My main reason for wanting to become a teacher is because I love children and I love working with them. Upon graduation from Boston College, I've had the opportunity of working in New York City public schools as a substitute teacher and at a privately owned nursery school in the Bronx as a part-time instructor. My experiences have been very rewarding thus far and have inspired me to want to continue along this path and seek further knowledge in the field. I can't even begin to describe the joyous feeling of knowing that I've touched the lives of the kids-- it is truly priceless. When kids pass tests, when kids say, "I get it," when kids come in and say, "Thanks. You're the best teacher I ever had," or "will we have you again" that means a lot. They make me laugh, they give me hugs, they cheer for my presence, they are observant, and most of them just need a little push. They give me nicknames, they miss me when I'm gone, they try so hard to do what I ask so much of the time. The most amazing feeling of all though is when the kids tell me they want to be just like me and teach just like me and are able to go in front of the class and teach others what I have just taught them. I have finally discovered what I am truly passionate about and am pursuing this passion by continuing my education so that I am able to fulfill my goal of being the best that anyone possible could be. This is what has driven me to want to go to Mercy and continue my education to become a teacher. My goal is to be the best teacher any student has had and will have throughout his/her schooling. I want to help every student learn, no matter how long it takes, and even if it means staying after school to help any student who needs help. I hope to do this by being firm in classroom management but by also being understanding of each and every student. I would like to become an exemplary teacher so that I can teach students to be exemplary also. I would like for my students to remember me and the things that I've taught them all throughout the years of their developing childhood. I'd like for them to take on a keen admiration for learning and continue to grow by developing their education further, through means of a college education. Working in the public schools has especially taught me about the value of preparation when it comes to teaching in large urban setting classrooms. High-quality teachers is in direct correlation with high quality preparation, education and most of all experience. I have heard a lot of great things about Mercy College and my goal is to therefore complete my Master's Degree, become a certified teacher, and eventually go back again to get a degree in School Administration. There are a lot of weaknesses associated with the NYC Public School system and my goal is to eliminate them.

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