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Why Did You Choose To Become Part Of The Childcare Profession Module 7

By 121968 Jan 31, 2015 502 Words
 Why did you choose to become part of the childcare profession? What characteristics do u feel childcare worker must possess in order to be successful in the field? How do u feel that you well be able to enhance the lives of the children that you will be working with? My name is Tayyaba khan .I’m going to write about why did u choose to become part of the childcare profession? What characteristics do u feel childcare worker must possess in order to be successful in the field? How do u feel that you well be able to enhance the lives of the children that you will be working with? The reason I chose to become a part of the childcare profession is, because most of my life I have been surrounded by children especially My brothers, sisters, cousins,niceces,nephews.I have chosen to go into this field because I want to be one of those early childcare worker that get children ready for important part of life. I simply wanted to make a difference in the lives of children. I think teaching is one of single greatest profession there are out there, we are helping them grow as an individual as we teach them knowledge that they didn’t know before. Seeing a student learns and Excel at something is genuinely a rewarding experience. I love the thought of being the first person get the children started with their education by helping them along the way with fun filled classroom activities and games. The early childhood are the most vital time for learning therefore observation,assessments,planning and evaluation are an important part of the curriculum for children’s learning and within early childhood centers and teaching practices. These terms will be discussed in this essay, along with appropriate teaching strategies to support children’s learning in the physical, temporal and interpersonal aspects for an optimal learning environment. The childcare profession is to be an employee of educational assistant in the school system. Educational assistant begin their career working on a supply list replacing educational assistance that is absent. A number of educational assistant like it because it is flexible. The characteristics I feel that a childcare worker must possess in order to be successful in the field is to positive around children, being patient with them, having great communication skills, heaving physical energy, informed and nurturing .A characteristics of a good childcare worker is having a genuine and natural interest for their children, being empathetic to their needs. The worker must feel comfortable relating to children, enjoy time spending with them and must feel motivated to help them. A positive, friendly attitude when around kids is the most obvious sign of this trait. Without the trait of patience, fewer childcare workers can be successful in their job. If children misbehaving or upset, a childcare worker has to be patient and calm enough to handle the pressure with dignity and easy.Remaning cool and collected, with an even temperament are characteristics of good childcare worker.

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