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Who Is Your Mentor in Your Life?

By xtremenet May 04, 2013 523 Words
What makes your collage life exciting? Is it because you can meet your friends? Or maybe you like to study at school? Well I hope you enjoy listening to the professors’ lectures. Anyway, there are many things that can make your collage life to become a wonderful one. Now, I will tell you about a person who made me always experience a great collage life every day. His name is Kim Tae Jin. He is my senior. He is almost like a mentor to me because up until now, he teaches me how to study as an engineering student, he let me have a great collage life and he always helps me very often with my problems whether it is about exams or assignments.

It was last year when I first met him. He was a talkative person. Well I don’t actually hate talkative person, but sometimes really sometimes I get annoyed. But Tae Jin is different, though he talks a lots, he tells me many important information such as what important courses which we need to take and what we don’t really need to. He also often talks about the professors of our department whether they are a good person, or about how they give their assignments. It was a big help to me on choosing the courses.

Another reason why I like this person is because he let me experience a great collage life. As for example, he often calls me so often to hang out together, so we almost play at wangsimri like 5times in a week. Thanks to him I had never feel bored before, not only that. It is also thanks to him that now I know all the good places to hang out around. So next time if you want know about some good places to hang out, just feel free to ask me . I will gladly introduce you some cool places.

Lastly, the most important reason why I made him as my mentor is that he has been giving me a lot of supports whenever it comes to my assignment or exams. For example, every time the exam is coming up I tend to ask him for a hint like what questions will be on the exams. Since he got lots of experience, he did teach me very well and he really was a big helped. Other than that, he also tends to help me with my assignments. As I told you before, he is a senior. So he got all the solution of every assignment. Sounds good right? So whenever I felt lazy to do my assignments, I got my own way to finish them. Well just ask him, and he will email me the solutions.

In Conclusion, what makes my senior Kim Tae Jin as my mentor is because that he thought me a lot how to study as an engineering student, he makes me have a great collage life and he always helps me whenever it comes to my assignments and exams. Thanks to him I think that I could my collage life was not that hard rather it was really fun!

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