A Popular Person in My Age Group

Topics: Eye color, Absenteeism, Baking Pages: 2 (417 words) Published: September 3, 2011
Whenever one watches television, the impression one usually receives is that popular people are always the ones who are beautiful or wealthy. Yet, my experience has told me otherwise. In my group in school, the most popular girl is not the prettiest or richest, but merely the one who exudes charm solely by being happy and sincere.

Swee Lin is not considered pretty by even the most generous standards. Yet, she has attractive personality that draws people to like her like a magnet. Rather than beautiful, she seems to be striking in appearance, with her fair skin and light brown eyes. She has ready laugh that tinkles and is highly infectious. She is always the first to see the humour is not cruel one. Instead she sees the positive side in everything, which makes her an extremely optimistic friend to have.

Every morning, her cheery “ Good Morning! ” greets the rest of us lethargic soul. Swee Lin is usually unfailingly bright and smiling. Even having known her for the past four years, I still wonder at her irrepressible ebullience and good nature. Nothing even daunts her for long.

She is also sincere friend who is always ready to lend a helping hand. Once, a classmate’s father was involved in a car accident which left the family impoverished while he lay in hospital. Swee Lin was the one swept into action, gathering classmate to take turns to helping the girl with her homework and at the same time staring a fundraising project to help the family financially. She started baking cookies to sell in the school canteen. They tasted terrible but we still bought them because was so sincere about the task. In the end, the rest of us who could bake reasonably well got down to work to provide more appetising food for sale. Even though she knew how much of a joke her cookies became, Swee Lin remained buoyant about the whole affair. To her, being able to help was all that mattered.

It is someone like Swee Lin who makes me feel that school is such a nice place to...
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