Who Are We

Topics: Ontology, Fear, History Pages: 3 (1104 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Djacson St. Vil7/2/10
Essay Assignment 1Prep for College WritingWho are we? This may come as a surprise to you, but what you actually believe to be your own personality is a combination of other organisms that you may come into contact with. From developing relationships between siblings and mimicking their individual personalities, to avoidance of a certain organism due to a precedent setting event that caused us to fear said thing. What will not surprise you is the fact that all humans, no matter what race, has different stories to tell when it comes to how those fears and past experiences made them into the people they claim they are today; creating their identity, in a sense. Our identities are accumulative; constantly changing as we grow older, and maturing with age. The only difference between a confirmed identity and a changing one is the ability to shape how we want others to view us. Do we want to be known as cowards, or people who have learned from our mistakes? Biased or people who learn how to see both situations equally? Challengers or people who chose to see things in different perspectives so that we may go home with fewer scares to show for it? Whatever the answer may be, it’s important that we understand that we are what little interactions this life has made for us and the variety of those interactions shape how we feel about certain actions, comments, gestures, flaws, and even discrepancies that we may have encountered in the course of our lives. To proceed forward, I’d like to add that from the day I was born, I couldn’t help but to identify myself in terms of nationality; the world naturally doesn’t tire of dividing itself into categories. In this case, in answering my question, we’ll attack a sensitive topic: ethnicity. Ethnicity generally, and I say this lightly, generally shapes the language you speak from dialects, to complicated texts, to slang, and generally awards oneself their birthright and sense of belonging on...
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