Whistle Man Essay

Topics: Australia, History of Australia Pages: 2 (643 words) Published: May 29, 2014
Whistle man written by Brian Ridden, is an entertaining book for teens that reflects the Australian identity in several ways. This is because it recaps real events, through the eyes of an ordinary orphan named Garret Clancy. Garrett does this by revealing how the characters, setting and plot during the 1870’s in Australia, represents the Australian identity. In this fabulous book, Ned is shown as a hero due to Garrett, though it doesn’t give enough evidence about the other side of him. Firstly, the characters exemplify what Australia was like back in the day, with its main focus being on Ned Kelly. Ned Kelly who is the most likely story hero from Australia's history is known by Garrett to have many terrific values. This is shown in the book when Garrett quoted, “Ned has a good heart as all he wants to do is to help the Irish poor.” Although Whistle Man is really Garrett's story. The two extreme ways of Kelly (the local murderer and the uncontrolled bush ranger), are the choices that also face Garrett over the years as he grows to maturity. “Should he work joyfully to build his own farm and life, or should he follow in the footsteps of Ned's crusade?” quoted on page 112. Secondly, the setting of this book is in Victoria which was at a time when most of the Australian population lived in the farming towns and most people had an Irish background. This was quoted after Garrett was tired of doing chores and said “Most of us are living on farms and are Irish-born, but no other people has to do as much work as what I have to do on the farms”. The setting during the 1870’s in Australia was considerably different to what it is like now. This is because now when you look around the streets you see most people living in the city with a mix of diverse backgrounds. Though in 1870’s, all the people who you would see were “white” Australians who lived in country towns. Thirdly, the plot demonstrates the Australian identity in a number of ways. Brian Ridden's new story,...
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