Red Dirt Talking

Topics: Indigenous Australians, Australia, Western Australia Pages: 2 (499 words) Published: August 25, 2013
Red Dirt Talking: Research

Jacqueline Wright worked for many years as a teacher and linguist in the Pilbara and Kimberley on Indigenous Australian Aboriginal language, interpreting and cultural programs. In 2000 she took on the regional literature position promoting and developing literary activities and improving opportunities for writers in the north-west of Western Australia. Now she swings two part-time jobs working as publishing intern at Magabala Books and a sports producer at ABC radio, Broome. She completed a Creative Arts Doctorate at Curtin University.

Publication: Fremantle Press
Year: 2012

Basic storyline of the book:
Set in the outback of Western Australia, this novel centres around the disappearance of Kuj, an eight-year-old girl, during a bitter custody battle. Annie, an anthropology graduate newly arrived from the city, is increasingly distracted from her work by the mysterious event. As Annie searches for the truth beneath the township’s wild speculations, she find herself increasingly drawn towards Mick Hooper, a muscly, laid-back Australian man with secrets of his own. A readers review on the book – gives a good example of the style we should use in the trailer: “This book has a great insight into every day life in the small town/communities and If you live or have lived in the areas of this story the imagery lashes you with the winter winds and scolded your feet in the hot red dirt. The plot is a ride of frustration, tension and relief that sometimes leave you with more questions than answers but ultimately binds you to the characters. Typical Australian humour flows freely through the book making sure to give you a good laugh when you need it, just as the same can be said for the real world. There are some valuable lessons that can be learnt in this book like just stopping and listening to the people, open your ears and your mind and you can learn a lot. This is a must read that should be on everyone's book shelves and my...
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