Where Is Waldo, Really?

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So Where is Waldo, Really?
Growing up, a very familiar pastime is to go through the “Where’s Waldo?” books and try to find a typical man hidden in a chaotic scenario. The reason that it is so difficult to find Waldo is because he is just casually hanging around while all these crazy things are going on around him. A lot of the time, Waldo is hiding behind someone, like he doesn’t want to be found. Does Waldo really want to be found?

Waldo is always in the mix of something strange happening. People are always in crowds, making him seem so ordinary. This can also be seen as life. Everything around us is crazy and hectic, making us seem so ordinary. We can get caught in the crazy mix of life, and it looks like we can hide behind others just to blend in. Are we Waldo? Are we so caught up in everyone and their crazy lives that we get pushed to the back and end up hiding? Or do we even want to be found?

Maybe Waldo likes hiding, being hidden from everyone. If we are Waldo, do we like being just a part of the background, hiding? In this life, we are taught to stand out and to be an individual. Waldo is like a wallflower, scared to come out from hiding. If you are Waldo, hiding behind others, you need to step out! Life isn’t short; it’s as quick as a page turn. Before you know it, the page is already turned and it’s focused on someone else. While we are still on this page, you need to get found! Either you get found and live a great life or you stay hidden in the shadows of someone else and only dream of the what ifs. Life shouldn’t be lived in the dreams. Your dreams should be based on the great life you’re living.

So where is Waldo, really? Go outside the room, find the nearest bathroom and look in the mirror. There’s Waldo! You’ve been searching all these years for what is right in front of you! Waldo represents your spirit in this life. Is your Waldo timid or bold? Does your Waldo stand out or hide in the shadows? Everyone’s Waldo is different. Sure, you can...
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